Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find many questions that we answer all the time. ┬áIf you find one is missing, please let us know here.

Q. What is a tail or a flap?

A. A tail or flap is normally on one (or both) end of a tarpaulin body to hang down on the front or the rear to make tarping a load easier. Example: Standard Lumber Tarp (SL18) 8′ drop with 8’x 8′ tail.

Q. What is a gusset?

A. This is an extra small flap sewn to each side of a tail to act as a rain flap.

Q. What is a drop?

A. This is a term to refer to the height of the load. Example: A trucker has an 8′ high load which equals 8′ drop; so on a normal 8′ wide trailer, the tarp would need to be 24′ wide; 8′ wide trailer + 2 sides * 8′ high = 24′.